• Luxury Children’s Cars at Affordable Prices

  • Don’t give your child one more doll, or yet another video game.

  • Make your neighbors jealous.

  • Involve your whole family in the fun.

  • Get your kids to spend more time outside.

  • Safety is our top priority so you can focus on making memories.

Give your child the gift they’ll remember forever!


Fresh Air

Get your kids outside so they spend less time in front of a screen and more time with family and friends.

In Control

Your child can drive, but with our remote control feature, you are in charge.

Jealous Neighbors

Be the “cool” parent of the neighborhood.

Soft Start Technology

All SUPERtrax® cars come with soft start drive trains. Important especially for young riders, this technology prevents the sudden jerking motion at the beginning of acceleration. It also lengthens the life of the car’s gearbox.

EVA Foam Rubber Tires

EVA is rubber-like in softness and flexibility. The material has good low-temperature toughness and is stress, crack, heat and UV resistant. EVA foam tires give a smooth and superior ride with excellent traction.

Remote Control Parental Function

Most SUPERtrax® cars come with a parental remote for peace of mind. These remotes utilize a secure 2.4Ghz code-locking connection, which allows for speed control and override functions such as emergency braking.

On-Board Music

SUPERtrax® cars come with a multi-function radio unit. Specific functions vary by model, but generally, all have an SD card slot and USB port built into the head unit. Some models have Bluetooth and FM radio. ALL cars come with nursery rhymes and some music built in.

Drive Train

SUPERtrax® cars come in two-wheel drive, four-wheel drive, and even six-wheel-drive models. These options allow for superior traction and control and durability. Our six-wheel model has a seat for a parent to ride and a 240 lb. weight limit!

Soft Seat

Looking great is important but comfort is key. No hard, plastic seats here! SUPERtrax® cars combine realistic beauty with superior ride comfort.

SUPERtrax® Advantage Care

Kids will be kids and sometimes things get broken. Buying a SUPERtrax® means you have access to a full-time service technician and a fully stocked parts department. You can depend on us to keep your little one cruising down the sidewalk with a smile.

Working Lights

SUPERtrax® cars come with working lights. Model differences vary but headlights, taillights, and dash lights are standard, adding to the realistic effect.

Plug and Charge Port

SUPERtrax® cars have a built-in charge port, allowing for hassle-free charging. Batteries never have to be removed or changed. Just plug in with the included wall adapter and follow the manual instructions.

Safety Protection

All SUPERtrax® cars feature inline circuit and overload/overheat protection. This feature cuts off the drive function if the car is overloaded or overworked, preventing harm to the driver or damage to critical components.

It’s easy to get the best children’s car:

Step 1

Choose the perfect ride. Your child is unique, so are our cars. Find the one right for them.

Step 2

Simple purchase options. Delivery is quick and easy and assembly instructions are clear.

Step 3

Sit back and watch their joy as they cruise the neighborhood. Then be ready to tell everyone where you got it!
End the frustration of toys sitting around because they broke - with SUPERtrax AdvantageCare, get the parts and service you need!
End the whining and crying – imagine no more “I’m bored” and “There’s nothing to do”.
End the battle of trying to get your kids outside - away from the TV and cell phones.

Happy Customers

I've bought 2 of your jeeps and they are awesome. My grand kids love them. Thank you for being so easy to work with. Your service was great !!!!
Nothing but impressed with this company! What a wonderful product! My 13-month-old absolutely loves her little pink SUPERtrax® and would prefer to go for walks in that over her stroller any day! Highly recommend this company!
This is the best powered ride on car for a kid I have ever seen. I had to purchase. This thing has every feature a parent could ask for. The remote control, to take my child out of harms way, had me sold.