Frequently Asked Questions

How long should I be charging my car?

Typically, the recommended time per charge should be from 8 to 12 Hrs.

How often should I be charging our car?

SUPERtrax cars should be, at a minimum, charged at least once per month whether the child is using the car or not to keep up on battery health. It is recommended that when the car becomes slow in operation or close to the 10V mark indicated by the stereo unit.

How do I check battery voltage on my car?

Most SUPERtrax cars come with a stereo unit on the dash that will show the voltage level while the unit is powered on and not playing music.

Why won't my car power on?

The charger is still connected to the car, the power button may be faulty and needs replacement, the voltage is too low, or there is damage or corrosion to the charging jack.

Why does my car keep restarting while my child drives?

ALL SUPERtrax cars come with a self-resetting circuit breaker. A low charge, high incline, obstruction, or damaged drive motor can cause the breaker to trip and reset to protect the critical components of the car.

Why will the car not move?

The battery voltage is low and needs charging. The battery connector or wires may be loose. The battery is dead or damaged. Electrical box or motor is damaged. The car is still plugged into the charger.

Why will the battery not charge?

Battery connector may have come apart or has a bad connection. Battery charger plugged into a bad wall outlet. The battery charger is damaged.

Why is the speed low?

The battery is old, the battery is low on charge, the weight limit is exceeded, uneven or uphill path or harsh conditions.

Why is there a noise coming from motor/gearbox?

Gear in the motor/gearbox is broken. Hub adaptor is not connected or broken from wheel

Why does the car shake when moving?

Bad connection of the motor wires or the motor failed.

Why does the car need a push to go forward?

Poor contact of the wires and connectors. Hub adaptor is not properly connected to the wheels.